Automotive: Supercharger Rotor Assembly

“A simple, yet elegant solution that maintains the flexibility needed without being overly complicated.”

Customer Challenge

The client needed a new assembly system that was different from designs they used in the past because they were expensive to operate and maintain. The new system design needed to be robust and easy to operate, while maintaining flexibility to handle multiple product variations. In addition, the system needed to be designed for deployment in any of the client’s international plants, in order to keep up with the increase in world-wide demand for supercharged vehicles.

Wes-Tech Solution

Wes-Tech’s solution to the client’s problem was a Four-Position Lean Assembly Cell consisting of three Assembly Stations and a Gage Station. The assembly cell maintained flexibility with the use of change-over tooling “sets” to accommodate ranges of parts. The assembly cell’s robust press designs made it easy to maintain and ensured a long life.

Client Benefits

Wes-Tech’s simple design was easy to install and maintain, thus making it a cost-effective approach for the client. The system was also tested for CE compliance, allowing for the assembly system to be easily deployed to locations world-wide. The flexibility of the system also made it versatile enough to assemble future designs as well as current ones. The economical up-front costs coupled with the quality and durability of the system’s design allowed for a lower total cost of ownership.