Consumer Products: Robotic Water Heater Material Handling System

“Wes-Tech saved us significant dollars in capital costs with their innovative solutions.”

Customer Challenge

A leading global manufacturer of heating, cooling and water heater products asked Wes-Tech Automation to provide a solution for the water heater load/unload process primarily because of high operator injury rate, low production efficiency and growth flexibility. Reduce workers’ compensation claims by eliminating operator handling of all water heater tanks, increase production efficiency and provide a more manageable daily production forecast with growth flexibility.

Wes-Tech Solution

Wes-Tech provided our customer robotic cells with unique capabilities to not only meet but exceed their requirements. The robotic cells EOAT is capable of handling all part family’s (27 different product variations) while an array of laser sensors can identify any incoming parts by height and diameter. The cells also come with a line tracking capability that provides the ability to load and unload tanks from continuous overhead moving conveyor hangers. These unique capabilities not only met but exceeded our customer requirements but set the industry standard moving forward in robotic tank handling.

Client Benefits

Employee workers’ compensation claims reduced, production efficiency increased with consistent and manageable daily production. Operator moral has also been boosted due to no operator handling required. Additionally, Wes-Tech met our clients ROI goals.