Medical Device: Custom, Integrated Assembly System

“The solution is truly a test system surrounded by an assembly line.”

Customer Challenge

A Global Medical Device Manufacturing Company came to Wes-Tech for a solution to automatically dispense a foam-in-place gasket on their medical container lids. The family of container lids that were handled ranged in size from 2 gallon up to 18 gallon. In addition, the machinery needed to have the ability to assemble a snap-cap to the 2-gallon lids, via heat staking. The primary challenge was to develop a solution to minimize the dispense system down time seen on the current machinery that would be flexible to accommodate the many different sizes. In addition, improving the overall efficiency of the dispense system, and reducing machine downtime for nozzle clean-out was mission critical.

Wes-Tech Solution

A combination of flat-top conveyors, Pick-and-Place units, material-handling robots, a corona treatment station, part feed systems and sealant dispensing units were integrated in this application. The robots performed not only loading and unloading of the product from the part conveyors, but also dispensed a precision pattern of gasket foam around the perimeter of the customer’s part. Also implemented was the ability to adaptively set the equipment’s processing speed to balance the needs of consuming the output of the molding machines, while maintaining as nearly constant flow through the dispensing head nozzle as possible.

Client Benefits

Our design provided the customer with efficient machinery that had the capability they needed to produce their products at a competitive cost. Wes-Tech listened to the customer’s current concerns and process problems and a project team then delivered another reliable machine with an outstanding ROI.