Department of Defense: Integrated Automation System to Support Mobile/Transportable Demilitarization Cryofracture Process

Wes-Tech’s strength in designing and building custom solutions is a significant asset when it comes to executing projects for the Department of Defense and other Government departments. Our ability to solve challenging problems in a timely manner, completing projects on-time and in budget, differentiates us from many suppliers that compete in this industry.

Customer Challenge

The client needed a design that would provide an automated system through the demilitarization Cryofracture process for ordnance disposal. They needed the solution supplier to be compliant with, FAR, DFAR and ITAR -22 CFR 120 requirements and have proven track record with multiple material handling/automation/controls technologies. Automation supplier must also provide solutions able to work in a Class 2, Division 1, Group E Hazardous environment and be capable of working with cryogenic liquid nitrogen as a process environment.

Wes-Tech Solution

Wes-Tech designed a mobile, integrated material handling solution to support the customer specified demilitarization cyrofracture process. The solution was all built inside a grouping of shipping containers. This included a Cryo Tray configuration for manual loading and automated unloading of Cryofractured materials, a 4 axis overhead gantry Robot with thermal buffered tooling for loading and unloading the N2 cryobath. This also included a separate 6 axis, C1, D1, Group E hazardous environment Robot for loading and unloading the Cryo Fracture Press. Also supplied was an integrated tray transport system that included an oven system for tray warming to allow safe operator reload and an overall PLC system for coordination of all processes and interface to the Customers Supervisory System.

Client Benefits

The integrated automation/material handling system coupled with the customer-supplied Cryo-Press/incinerator provides an environmentally friendly, safe and mobile method to dispose of targeted munitions that cannot be easily or safely decommissioned.