Medical Industry

As an assembly and test solutions provider for the medical device industry, we take pride in our strong technological leadership and innovation. We understand that keeping American medical device manufacturing in the United States will be achieved by building efficient and reliable machinery that requires little maintenance and is affordable to obtain.

Wes-Tech provides fully automatic solutions using today’s latest technology to assemble and test medical devices and assemblies. Fortunately, we have the advantage of referencing over 35 years of success and experience with the industry’s leading manufacturers.


When developing and commercializing new products, customers that take advantage of Wes-Tech’s design for manufacture and assembly (DFMA) skill set are rewarded with success. Knowing the healthcare industry requirements for trusted manufacturing processes is key to ensuring products, and projects are delivered on time with world-class quality.


Wes-Tech’s range of capabilities and core technical competencies within the Healthcare and Medical Products industry include assembly, leak testing, heat staking, ultrasonic welding, inspection, inkjet printing, packaging, traceability, labeling, fastening and material handling.


Trusted Partnership Solutions:

  • partnership approach to tooling and production
  • responsive and flexible service
  • ISO-compliant processes ensure quality
  • competitive cost solution
  • Working as partners to maintain project scope and on time delivery


Certified project managers throughout the project length help ensure the in-house Mechanical & Electrical teams maintain the schedule and respond to customer needs.