Service & Support

Wes-Tech Automation Solutions considers service and support as “the other half of your investment.” Our service and support is about problem-solving to maximize your production uptime and to extend the life of your capital investment.

Wes-Tech’s service and support is significantly more than an after-sale support function. Wes-Tech specializes in web enabled customer services and/or training, preventive maintenance, retooling and refurbishing, and spare/replacement parts.


Web-Enabled Services

We offer web-enabled customer services for customer convenience and ease of communication. Wes-Tech uses a web collaboration portal that allows our customers to interact live with our service staff and to share documentation online for communication and training purposes. This portal also allows online help for finding parts on any customer system including CAD drawings and pictures and their easy retrieval. Other web services that Wes-Tech utilizes are remote diagnostics and programming assistance for control systems support for service problems and programming changes.


Training Programs

Wes-Tech has developed effective training programs for its customers that span conveyors, custom machines, and robots. These programs are tailored to customer needs and can be delivered on-site or remotely. Our training content is specific to each equipment or system and it is delivered by the appropriate expert staff. Training programs include, but are not limited to operator training, machine debug and runoff, control systems, preventive maintenance and assistance, and certified technician.


Gantry Maintenance

Wes-Tech offers four different objectives of gantry robot maintenance. The first objective is conservation which is preventative maintenance service for gantry/robot with less than 6,000 hours of use. The second is reclamation which is a thorough diagnostic and maintenance service for gantry/robot with 7,500 hours. Salvation is the next objective of gantry maintenance Wes-Tech offers. It is a complete enhancement of the gantry/robot to original manufacture’s specifications and a 1 year warranty for gantry/robot with 25,000 hrs. The final objective is reincarnation with controller upgrades, where Wes-Tech would replace the existing controller and software with the latest technology.


Retooling & Refurbishing

Wes-Tech retooling and refurbishing involves Tech-Trak® upgrades, continuity improvements, cycle time optimizations, software improvements, and other system modifications. Our service and support staff works with our engineering and technical project management staff to carry out even the toughest project assignments.