Standard Products

Wes-Tech’s flexible designs enable agile manufacturing with their ease of re-configuration. Innovative technological designs like this have been incorporated into a number of our various standard products, including our Tech-Trak® conveyors and gantry robots. Wes-Tech products are designed consistently with the company’s automation methodology and strong focus on agile manufacturing. This combination translates to maximizing productivity and return on invested capital.


The Tech-Trak® conveyors are single strand, power-and-free palletized conveyors that enhance productivity and capital asset performance. They do this while being proficient in the integration of multiple operations such as: assembling, machining, washing, marking, testing, calibration, inspection and part history tracking. Because of this, our conveyors provide a modular and flexible way to create platforms for any number of factory automation solutions. These conveyors have a solid performance track record that has demonstrated the highest uptime in their category.

Gantry Robots

At Wes-Tech, we design practical, economical gantry robot solutions with a standard machine tool interface to bridge integration of the loader to most lathes, machining centers and grinders. This World Class blend of modular parts handling, specialized gripper design, and standardized controls simplifies multi-system integration as well as the learning of your new system.


Wes-Tech is a proud Fanuc Authorized System Integrator