From integration design to quick deployment, Tech-Trak® conveyors have a 20-year long demonstrated reputation as “the system that works.” The Tech-Trak® Series 1700 and 2500 conveyors are single rail palletized conveyors that enhance productivity and capital asset performance.

Tech-Trak® conveyors are designed to provide a highly effective and flexible factory automation solution for parts up to 250 lbs. at the best cost of total ownership (acquisition, installation, maintenance, and modification cost). The combination of flexibility and total cost of ownership has over the years led to a very large installed base of Tech-Trak® across a wide range of applications in multiple industries. Tech-Trak® conveyors have a solid demonstrated performance track record. They have demonstrated the highest uptime in their category.


The Tech-Trak® Series 1700 and 2500 conveyors provide a modular and flexible way to create platforms for any number of factory automation solutions. Such platforms are typically used for multiple applications and operations integration. Therefore, this modularity allows for the design of any configuration required to accommodate any process while making efficient use of space requirements.


This also means that Tech-Trak® can accommodate a very wide range of pallets for holding parts and ensuring high precision movement and positioning accuracy. They range from standard pallet designs, custom pallet designs and fixture designs. Most pallets are application-specific, designed for the specific part. However, Tech-Trak®’s pre-engineered pallets offer the economical advantage of a standard pallet carrier requiring minimal customization, proving that Wes-Tech designs are designed for today and engineered for tomorrow.


If multi-rail conveyors are necessary for a project, Wes-Tech designs are flexible enough to accommodate other brands’ conveyors.