Gantry Robots

Wes-Tech gantries have a demonstrated reputation since 1993 with hundreds of successful installations. Regardless of how unique your needs are, Wes-Tech will provide you with all the custom fixturing and accessories you need for a totally integrated application solution.

The Wes-Tech TCL Gantry System uses a standard machine tool interface that simplifies integration of the loader to most lathes and machining centers. It is a World Class blend of modular parts handling, specialized gripper designs, and standardized controls.


The modular multi-axis handling system is comprised of standard slides, arms, grippers, wrists and pallet magazines that can be configured to accommodate nearly all machine tool applications. The precision linear guideways reduce friction and provide smooth precise motion. Also, the system uses a rugged rack and pinion drives system, meaning there is no maintenance associated with belts or chains.


The modular part magazines create simple work cell configurations. Combinations with other Wes-Tech products can achieve completely integrated machine tool solutions. This is achieved through the use of modular grippers for prismatic parts and shaft grippers for turned parts.


A standard CNC control system’s versatility allows for the implementation of menu-driven subroutines. The menu-driven programming allocates for many different modes of operation. It includes a “Step Through” teach mode which simplifies new part programming by requiring only new end points to be taught. Also, a hand-held “Teach” Pendant makes it simple to “walk” the loader to the desired end points.