Improve your manufacturing operations and gain a competitive advantage when you partner with Wes-Tech Automation Solutions.


Your factory automation evolution starts here.

We will guide you through our proven process and share valuable knowledge in emerging technologies as we design and build the optimal automation solution to improve your bottom line.

You will benefit from our experience. Our approach will:

Mitigate risk  |  Increase capabilities  |  Add flexibility  |  Boost efficiency  |  Drive quality  |  Optimize resource utilization  |  Improve overall ROI

There’s a solution for every step of your product’s lifecycle:

Product Design for Manufacturability

Manufacturing Processes and Plant Optimization

Concept, Design, Build and Commission Factory Automation

Production Planning and Inventory Management

Product and Process Data Management

Material and Warehouse Operations

Put our innovation and know-how to work for you.

With decades of expertise solving complex discrete manufacturing challenges, we will leverage more than 4,200 custom-engineered automation solutions to design the perfect one just for you. Experience the Wes-Tech difference.

Process driven to meet your needs.

Partner with a team that delivers custom engineered solutions to solve complex manufacturing challenges.

Step 1

Define the precise problem. First, our team listens, saving you valuable time by defining your needs right from the start.

Step 2

Develop the right concept. We combine creative problem-solving skills and engineering expertise to propose an innovative solution that will transform your manufacturing operations.

Step 3

Deliver the best solution. The “best” solution is unique to your operation.  Our team has the expertise and track record to deliver on time, every time.

Innovative automation will transform your operations in a measurable way.


Exceed your manufacturability goals.
Our cross-functional engineering team helps achieve your design for manufacturability goals by contributing to the optimization of your product’s Design for Assembly Automation.
Your ‘complex manufacturing challenge’ experts.

From automated assembly and test solutions to lean manufacturing systems, we have the expertise to define, develop, and deliver the right solution for you.

Increase your factory throughput.

To improve production flow, we offer standard transfer automation solutions including conveyors, gantry loaders, and pallet magazines to optimize your material handling requirements.

Designed and built with your future in mind.

Scalable automation concepts provide maximum return on your capital investment and allows for easy expansion as you grow your business.

Case Studies

These recent projects showcase just a few of the ways Wes-Tech has been able to help our clients.

Engineering for value-added design

Engineering for value-added design

Collaborative engineering beyond automation

Collaborative engineering beyond automation

Leveraging credibility and expertise

Leveraging credibility and expertise

Improving process and reducing risk

Improving process and reducing risk

Experience to think outside the box

Experience to think outside the box

Automate the impossible in record time

Automate the impossible in record time

Knowledge Center

Take a look at our recent projects and innovations, industry news, and more.

Advancing Automation: The Intersection of Machine Learning and Robotics

Advancing Automation: The Intersection of Machine Learning and Robotics

June 28, 2024

Machine learning (ML) and robotics are intersecting in a way that pushes the boundaries of what automated systems can do. The fusion of machine learning with robotics creates more adaptable robots that can perform complex tasks, contributing to advancements in various industries and everyday life. By leveraging machine learning, robots can work efficiently and flexibly … Read More

5 Steps to Determine Factory Automation Readiness

5 Steps to Determine Factory Automation Readiness

May 31, 2024

The United States factory automation market is growing, and manufacturers now face an almost perpetual question about their factory automation readiness—whether to introduce or increase automation at their plants. Many manufacturers in the United States have already begun using factory automation, especially in the industrial Midwest. Whether a manufacturer is just starting their industrial automation … Read More

How An Automotive OEM Found Multiple Solutions with Tech-Trak

How An Automotive OEM Found Multiple Solutions with Tech-Trak

April 26, 2024

When a Big Three U.S. automotive OEM needed an automation solution to address their changing manufacturing strategy, Wes-Tech delivered with Tech-Trak single-strand pallet conveyors plus the integration and mobility to meet their needs. The re-deployability of our Tech-Trak product allowed this OEM to reconfigure their existing Tech-Trak equipment to serve a new purpose, on time and … Read More

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