Just as we have a wide range of equipment, we also offer a variety of consulting services to help keep your operation improving continuously. Our range of engineering and consulting services are designed to assist you in meeting your current and evolving needs.

The Wes-Tech team has the capability to help you with an initial design to ensure your product is prepared for automated assembly (DFAA), to assess your manufacturing operations and efficiency, to complete risk assessments, to help you gather and manage product data and traceability, to prepare your operation for scalability, to support your team with our experienced engineers, and much more. Learn more on our Engineering & Consulting Services page.

As an example, for one client we consulted on a time-and materials basis to augment their team with engineering expertise (read the full case study here). It went so well that they’ve paid us the highest compliment by asking us back to do further work.

Another client brought us in at the end of the product design phase to lend them credibility with their end client by proving the idea was manufacturable (read the full case study here). After working with our team to tweak the design of the product, we were able to easily produce a scalable and flexible manufacturing line. They proved they could deliver, and their end client was happy.

We also have plenty of other stories of times when we’ve called on our engineering expertise to consult with clients beyond just building their equipment and would be happy to discuss how we can meet your particular needs.

Wes-Tech offer consulting services in the following areas:

  • Design for Automated Assembly (DFAA)
  • Manufacturing Operations Assessment
  • Production Efficiency and Throughput Optimization Analysis
  • Process Optimization Simulations
  • Operational Continuity and Risk Assessments
  • Process and Production Data Management (Industrial IoT, Industry 4.0)
  • Production Scalability Preparedness Review
  • Closed Loop Product Traceability Implementation
  • Talent Support Services

Visit https://wes-tech.com/engineering-and-consulting-services/ to learn more about the wide variety of services we offer, and then contact us for a free consultation to find out how we can help you maximize resources, minimize total cost of ownership, and extend your equipment lifecycle.

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