Now that we’ve been in the business of manufacturing automation for over 45 years, we’ve invented ways to introduce automation into almost any environment.

We’ve seen trends come and go, but in general, more factories across more industries are moving towards finding ways to automate different portions of what they do. It’s worth taking a moment to think about how and why they’re doing it.

Here are some of the ways we’ve seen our customers benefit from automation:

Improved ROI
To keep your operation running even through challenging times, you need to be flexible and agile. The right automation solution will help you achieve scalable production capacity for easy flexing up/down, and product mix agility to handle daily production variations down to lot-size-1 with zero changeovers. An actual customer example is this case study.

Risk Mitigation
The new industry reality is to prepare for the unexpected. Whether it is a supply issue, an economic cycle swing, or a pandemic, outfitting your operation with the right automation solution will mitigate operational disfunction or disruption risk.  Eliminate production bottlenecks, prevent operational failures, and minimize your total cost of quality (TCoQ).

Increased Quality and Efficiency
Automation can help create a more predictable environment, without removing the human touch where it’s still needed. (See this case study for an actual customer example.) This can increase your efficiency from a lean standpoint, as well as reducing waste. It can reduce your downtime with fewer changeovers and fewer areas that can be affected by human error. And ultimately it can result in quality you can count on, as well as reduced overall costs.

IIoT and Industry 4.0
Our customers have been very pleased with their increased ability to harness the transformational power of industrial IoT for smart and connected products. You can make your products and production operations smarter and more capable with automated configuration, provisioning, and commissioning. We are experts in collecting product and process data to provide you with closed loop operational and product traceability both inside your plant or in the field. Here’s an example of how we were able to quickly produce a ventilator design during the pandemic.

Increased opportunities
Adding or increasing your automation can streamline processes, letting your employees take on more complex responsibilities, as well as allowing you to utilize your line for a wider variety of tasks without retraining. The business model improvements from automation will allow you to increase your competitiveness in the marketplace while leaving room for disruption that gives you a competitive advantage. This case study is a real customer example.

Whatever your reason for considering automation, the Wes-Tech team can help you determine the right solution for your operation, your budget, and your needs. Contact us today for a free consultation.


– Team Wes-Tech