Properly automating material handling in your facility can make the difference between low output, low margin and high output, high margin results. Our proprietary products have been designed and developed to seamlessly integrate into your manufacturing process to deliver a positive return on your invested capital, operate with zero down time, and provide you with increased throughput – all while freeing up your resources to concentrate on value added activity.


Tech-Trak® Conveyor Systems

Do more with modules that can be re-configured for your changing needs.

Tech-Trak conveyor products are pre-engineered functional modules that are configured into systems that offer a whole lot more than just moving your parts from one point to another. A Tech-Trak conveyor system designed by our applications engineers is the backbone to your production process and quality control. We optimize every configuration to provide your process with the most efficient material flow, optimized line balancing, multiple process routing options, data tracking, quality auditing, gauge sampling, and product protection. With a robust design for harsh conditions, you’ll never worry about the uptime of your conveyor systems again. Tech-Trak conveyors are designed and manufactured to last.

With a constant evolution of new modules and features, this reliable, low maintenance, precision conveyor system will benefit your operational process in many ways:

Power and free style, asynchronous palletized conveyor

  • “Zero-Gap” single-strand conveyor chain eliminates pinch hazards
  • Load capacity up to 500 pounds per pallet
  • Hardened steel wear surfaces for extended conveyor life
  • Speeds up to 65 fpm
  • Available with drip-pan system for dry-floor operation
  • Closed loop flow configuration, can support parallel operations with off-line spurs

Tech-Trak conveyor models available

  • 1700 medium duty
  • 2500 heavy duty
  • Table-Trak

Built using proprietary modules to allow for easy reconfiguration

  • Standard pre-configured “Mega-Modules” for quick system design and delivery using stock modules
  • Custom system designs from dozens of standard modules
  • NEW: Ergo-lift, Side Shuttle, and Lift Gate modules now available

Gantry Loaders

The Wes-Tech TCL Gantry Series delivers world class robustness and reliability. Our standard machine tool interface simplifies integration of the loader to most lathes, machining centers, and grinders.

With hundreds of successful installations, Wes-Tech gantries demonstrate consistent excellence for a variety of tasks, including machine tool loading/unloading, material handling, pick-n-place, and many more demanding applications.

Many Custom H Loader and Area Configurations are available for payloads up to 1000 lbs.

Key features:

  • Operator access to machine tool while others are running in automatic
  • Unattended loading of CNC lathes, mills, and grinders
  • Small, medium, or large lot sized
  • Integrated parts feeding and handling
  • Three programmable servo axes standard, with option for a 4th
  • Fast traverse speed up to 3 m/sec
  • Conversational programming simplicity
  • Built-in diagnostics
  • All machines can be configured to your layout from standard modules
  • Standardized controls designed to increase your efficiency

Pallet Magazines

Versatility and efficiency meet value in our carousel parts magazine.

To suit your machines range of parts, our carousel parts magazine is available in a wide range of lengths and pallet sizes. The Wes-Tech pallet magazine offers interchangeable standard tooling designed for quick, efficient changeovers. Castings, shafts, and sawed blanks can all be fed on this versatile system with ease.

Our innovative design offer versatility and efficiency at a very attractive price.


  • Range of pallet sizes from 130 mm to 260 mm
  • Range of pallet quantities from 16-40
  • Magazine capacities up to 545kg
  • Multiple parts per pallet


  • Standard part infeed pallet magazines
  • Simple to operate and maintain
  • Interchangeable pallet retooling

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