The Next Wave of Innovation through Manufacturing Automation

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Manufacturers are increasingly benefiting from greater efficiency, reduced risk, and opportunity for innovation made available by the automation revolution. In addition, as we discussed in our recent post about the rising cost of labor, the current environment in the U.S. has made it even more challenging to hire and retain the number of workers needed … Read More

Wes-Tech Automation Solutions to Showcase Engineering and Factory Automation Capabilities at IMTS 2022

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Wes-Tech Automation Solutions will attend IMTS (The International Manufacturing Technology Show), the largest and longest-running industry trade show in the Western Hemisphere, at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois from September 12-17, 2022 Wes-Tech is a “Top 100” system integrator that designs and builds factory automation for the automotive, appliance, medical device, DoD, and consumer products … Read More

Reshoring: Made in the USA

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In our first post on reshoring, we discussed the record-high rates of companies choosing to bring their manufacturing back to the U.S. to reap the benefits of making products where they will be sold. One of our recent case studies was on a company that was reshoring for this exact reason. You can view the … Read More

Reshoring: The Tsunami is coming!

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According to Investopedia, “Reshoring is the process of returning the production and manufacturing of goods back to the company’s original country. Reshoring is also known as onshoring, inshoring, or backshoring.” This is the opposite of the offshoring that many companies were doing over the past few decades to try to take advantage of a lower … Read More

Rising Cost of Labor

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The last few years have introduced a number of variables, including a low unemployment rate, high consumer demand, high inflation, a skills shortage, an aging workforce, and unusual forecasts stemming from the pandemic economy, that have led to the rising cost of labor. Even with steps being taken to help reduce the issues surrounding this … Read More

Conversation with an Expert: Simulation in Automation

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Conversation with: Alex S., Mechanical Engineer Topic: Simulation in Automation When adding a new piece of equipment to your manufacturing line, one small mistake in the design can cause a variety of issues from project delays to lower production output. Before simulation and 3D modeling software was available, the design iteration process would require a … Read More

Best Practices for Manufacturing Productivity

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For most manufacturers, increased productivity means increased profit. We recently read an article from Electrek titled “Tesla now operates the most productive car factory in the US,” and it got our wheels turning. We’ve been considering what productivity is, what it means, and what you can do about it in this series of posts. When … Read More