Tech-Trak Conveyor Systems

Precision and Performance. Guaranteed.

Tech-Trak® conveyors consist of pre-engineered modules that can be configured into conveyor systems offering a whole lot more than just moving your parts from one point to another. A Tech-Trak conveyor system designed by our cross-functional engineers is the backbone to your production process and quality control.

Versatile. Reliable.

The most versatile and reliable, low maintenance precision conveyor design available with proven durability in harsh machining environments. Custom conveyor system designs allow for endless options for routing pallet traffic through machining and assembly operations. Transport pallets with custom fixture tooling keep your parts safe and secure.

Tech-Trak conveyor models available

  • 1700 medium duty
  • 2500 heavy duty
  • Table-Trak

Model 1700

  • Loads up to 90 lbs. per pallet
  • Steel or extruded aluminum support leg options
  • Standard speed: 35 fpm

Model 2500

  • Loads up to 500 lbs. per pallet
  • Steel support legs
  • Standard speed: 35 fpm

Toggle Stop

  • Used for traffic control and manual operations
  • Intrinsically safe design; swing-arm extends underneath pallet to contact rear puck, stopping pallet motion
  • Locating accuracy: +/- 1/16” (1.5mm) in the horizontal (x,y) plane

Precision Lift-and-Locate Stop

  • Used where accuracy is required, for performing work on the pallet, or for interface with other equipment
  • Pallet is precision located, lifted from moving chain, and securely clamped
  • Locating accuracy: +/- .005” (0.125 mm) in all three major axes (x,y,z)

Power and free style, asynchronous palletized conveyor

  • “Zero-Gap” single-strand conveyor chain eliminates pinch hazards
  • Load capacity up to 500 pounds per pallet
  • Hardened steel wear surfaces for extended conveyor life
  • Speeds up to 65 fpm
  • Available with drip-pan system for dry-floor operation
  • Closed loop flow configuration, can support parallel operations with off-line spurs

Built using proprietary modules to allow for easy reconfiguration

  • Standard pre-configured “Mega-Modules” for quick system design and delivery using stock modules
  • Custom system designs from dozens of standard modules
  • NEW: Ergo-lift, Side Shuttle, and Lift Gate modules now available

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