Our range of engineering and consulting services are designed to assist you in meeting your current and evolving automation needs. We have the expertise to help you maximize resources, minimize total cost of ownership, and extend your equipment lifecycle.


Design for Automated Assembly (DFAA)

With decades of designing automated assembly for a vast array of products, we have a deep understanding of how to design to maximize the benefits of automation. When you add our automation engineering talent to your product design team early in the product development phase, the long-term results are evident. We will develop a roadmap for your product's entire life cycle.

Manufacturing Operations Assessment

We offer a unique perspective as a supplier of automation for the entire production process. We handle incoming materials and machine tool automation all the way through assembly, testing, and packaging. With this breadth of experience, we provide valuable input into the product design, process development, and plant layouts.

Production Efficiency and Throughput Optimization Analysis

All manufacturing operations share the common goals of improving efficiency and optimizing throughput. With a holistic production assessment, we identify every possible opportunity to reduce unproductive activity and streamline every value adding processes. We focus our attention on throughput optimization by pinpointing specific opportunities for process improvement that will improve your yield and operational competitiveness.

Process Optimization – Simulations

Take the guesswork out of your return on investment calculations and production estimates. When we simulate your process, we will model every imaginable scenario to provide you with the information you need to better plan your operation and business. You will be able to build more accurate forecasts and make confident decisions that will help you grow your business.

Operational Continuity and Risk Assessments

Your team, your processes, your facility, and your circumstances are unique. But reducing risk always begins with options and a contingency plan. That’s what we provide when our team of manufacturing and business experts assess all dimensions of your unique operation for operational continuity. We will present your team with an assessment that outlines a variety of options to help you mitigate risk and improve your state of readiness.

Process and Production Data Management (Industrial IoT, Industry 4.0)

In manufacturing, many times the real value of the process and the product is hidden within the data. Wes-Tech will implement the latest Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 communication protocols to collect, report, and store your process and product data so you have the information you need to make better decisions and more effectively run your business.

Production Scalability Preparedness Review

Are you ready to boost your manufacturing operation to the next level? Wes-Tech has you covered. We develop every solution with your future in mind. As your volumes change over the course of the entire product life cycle, we provide options for scalable solutions that align with the changes in your production demands.

Closed Loop Product Traceability Implementation

Best-in-class product data lifecycle management requires a well-engineered implementation and response plan. Let Wes-Tech develop your comprehensive closed loop traceability plan by conducting a needs assessment and implementing a strategy that meets regulatory requirements, reduces liability, and builds customer confidence.

Talent Support Services

When you need support from professional automation engineers and technicians, look no further than Wes-Tech.  We have the experience and expertise to augment your team and to inject that much needed boost of “been there – done that” when it matters most.  There is no job too big or too small. Whether you need our assistance for a day, a month, or a year, we can provide the right talent, at the right time, to make your project a success.

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