The Wes-Tech team delivers custom engineered solutions to solve your complex manufacturing challenges. Our 3-step process – Define, Develop, Deliver – ensures our team can help you get to the best solution, on time and in budget. In this series of posts, we are examining each process step in depth to give you more insight into the whys and hows.

Step 1: Define the precise problem.

Every project is an opportunity to start fresh, with an open mind. That’s why our team begins by listening to you and defining the problem—it’s the foundation for everything else we do.

When your needs are defined right from the start, it saves you valuable time when We look at each stage of the project from your point of view, and take an overall view of the operation to consider what value we can bring to you.

  • We look at the upstream processes: what feeds into the area you need to automate? Is there a way to improve the process or product, to make it more robust or cost efficient?
  • We look at the downstream operations: How does the output of our process impact people in the plant or the end-user customer? What could be changed to improve it?
  • We learn about your product, understand what features are important functionally, what makes your product unique and different, what you take pride in, and how we can best pay attention to those details as we define the challenge.

As we develop the initial proposal, and throughout every engagement, we use a cross-functional review process including a variety of team members from operations, engineering, and more. With so many years of experience on the team, we think creatively in a way that goes beyond the basics, allowing us to ask probing questions, create innovative options, and continually challenge and improve to get to the best solution for our customers.

Our team’s wide-ranging experience also means we never come back with a cookie cutter answer. Though we may begin with a tried-and-true solution, we will optimize it, modify it, and turn it into a solution that fits your needs. We can leverage technology from different industries, and think in a flexible way to come up with creative ideas. For example, one of our case studies tells the story of a time when we used our cross-industry expertise to bring value to a tool storage manufacturer by leveraging process technology used in the automotive industry.

Though listening and defining the problem is our first step, our commitment to this step never really stops. We continue to learn as we go, and the more questions we ask, the more answers we find, which lead to a deeper understanding of your product and processes. Defining the problem right from the start, and continuing to refine as we go, is one of the many ways Wes-Tech helps you gain a competitive advantage.

When you’re ready to partner with a company that spends the time up front to bring you an automation advantage, contact Wes-Tech.

In our next post, we will show how we use what we learned in defining the problem to develop the right concept for you.

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