When a Big Three U.S. automotive OEM needed an automation solution to address their changing manufacturing strategy, Wes-Tech delivered with Tech-Trak single-strand pallet conveyors plus the integration and mobility to meet their needs.

The re-deployability of our Tech-Trak product allowed this OEM to reconfigure their existing Tech-Trak equipment to serve a new purpose, on time and on budget.

How Tech-Trak Met the Challenge

Wes-Tech has worked closely with a leading automotive OEM on several previous automation projects. The OEM faced tough decisions about where to invest their capital to keep up with market trends related to the increased demand for electric vehicles.

In assessing their resources, our customer knew that our Tech-Trak single-strand conveyor was a great asset to them thanks to its scalability and reusability. In fact, because Tech-Track is versatile, reliable, easily retooled, and low-maintenance, this customer had already successfully redeployed our Tech-Trak from one of their major U.S. manufacturing facilities to another.

Tech-Trak is a proven material handling solution for automotive components, with 1700 medium-duty, 2500 heavy-duty, and Table-Trak models available. Medium-duty delivers loads up to 90 lbs. per pallet, while heavy-duty delivers loads up to 500 lbs. per pallet, both with standard speeds of 35 fpm. (Review additional Tech-Trak conveyor specs.) Tech-Trak conveyor products are customizable for a wide variety of needs—not only for material handling but also to facilitate assembly, quality control, and automated testing processes—even in harsh manufacturing environments.

Tech-Trak can handle prismatic components, including cases, blocks, heads, differentials, and other tough-to-convey automotive components. It can also be used for rotating components like shafts, carriers, clutches, and gears. With precision lift-and-locate stop, Tech-Trak offers unparalleled accuracy in pallet work and when interfacing with other equipment.

Our solution for this automotive OEM included Fanuc robotics to process new part variants. As a Fanuc Authorized System Integrator, Wes-Tech had the knowledge and experience to ensure the solution would be seamless.

And because this automotive OEM had worked with Wes-Tech before, through several previous configurations, they knew that they could rely on solutions delivered on time and on budget.

See Tech-Trak at Work

Tech-Trak’s Versatility Keeps Up with Conveyor Demands

Redeploying Tech-Trak (more than once!) has meant that our automotive OEM customer hasn’t had to reinvent their manufacturing process for each new manufacturing scenario they encounter. With this modular capital equipment at their disposal, our customer benefited from optimized lead time on their new installation and reduced investment in new equipment. The ability to retool assets to deliver reliable solutions demonstrates Tech-Trak’s versatility. Adjustments have been completed with each redeployment, and the product continues to provide durability and support as a backbone for the customer’s manufacturing operations.

When our customer made an executive decision to shift their focus to keep up with the changing demands of the automotive industry, we were able to help them take a bigger-picture approach. Wes-Tech is more than “just a conveyor company.” Our customer partnered with us for automation solutions, including assembly and test systems. While our Tech-Trak conveyor solution is a true workhorse, the solution fully integrates with both traditional industrial robots and collaborative robots (cobots), as well as the Wes-Tech TCL Gantry System. The modular design of Tech-Trak offers a lower initial cost with easy scale-up, resulting in our ongoing relationship with this satisfied automotive OEM customer.

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