Designed and built to meet your specific needs.

First, we listen.

At Wes-Tech, we know that our clients don't have 'one size fits all' needs. That's why we don't rely on 'one size fits all' solutions. Instead, we listen to your unique manufacturing and assembly challenges, and use our know-how to put together a solution that works for you. Contact us to find out how we can help meet your needs.

Custom Equipment

Leveraging best practices and methods from many different industries allows us to “think outside the box.” We develop innovative solutions that are cost-effective over the entire life cycle of a program, from initial investment and operating costs, through the capability for redeployment at the end of the project life cycle. Many of our systems that are in service today have been relocated and/or retooled multiple times over many years.

Total systems approach

We offer a unique perspective as a supplier of automation for the entire production process. We handle incoming materials and machine tool automation all the way through assembly, testing, and packaging. With this breadth of experience, we provide valuable input into the product design, process development, and plant layouts.

Customer focus

We pride ourselves on the successful client partnerships developed throughout our company history. Our employees work to understand your culture, products and processes to become a valued contributor to the overall program, as well as a key part of your team.

Core building blocks

We have a developed a set of core solutions that can be leveraged to solve many manufacturing, assembly and test problems. This “toolbox” of standard building blocks gives Wes-Tech the ability to integrate proven blocks into a larger, complete solution. Using these blocks allows us to manage the risks associated with building a custom solution, and to maintain our on-time delivery record.

Contact us today to find out how an integrated solution can streamline operations, decrease downtime, and improve your ROI.