Advancing Automation: The Intersection of Machine Learning and Robotics


Machine learning (ML) and robotics are intersecting in a way that pushes the boundaries of what automated systems can do. The fusion of machine learning with robotics creates more adaptable robots that can perform complex tasks, contributing to advancements in various industries and everyday life. By leveraging machine learning, robots can work efficiently and flexibly … Read More

5 Steps to Determine Factory Automation Readiness


The United States factory automation market is growing, and manufacturers now face an almost perpetual question about their factory automation readiness—whether to introduce or increase automation at their plants. Many manufacturers in the United States have already begun using factory automation, especially in the industrial Midwest. Whether a manufacturer is just starting their industrial automation … Read More

How An Automotive OEM Found Multiple Solutions with Tech-Trak

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When a Big Three U.S. automotive OEM needed an automation solution to address their changing manufacturing strategy, Wes-Tech delivered with Tech-Trak single-strand pallet conveyors plus the integration and mobility to meet their needs. The re-deployability of our Tech-Trak product allowed this OEM to reconfigure their existing Tech-Trak equipment to serve a new purpose, on time and … Read More

What is Machine Vision? Applications and Trends You Should Know


The global machine vision industry is expected to reach a market value of $18.4 billion by 2028. As a robotics integrator, we’re particularly interested in the use of computer vision systems in industrial environments and the multitude of ways manufacturers can benefit from them. Machine vision uses digital imaging technology to guide manufacturing and production … Read More

For Manufacturers: How to Write an RFQ for an Industrial Automation Project


A Request for Quotation (RFQ) is a foundational document for manufacturers to prepare when presenting industrial automation projects to potential automation integrators. The more precisely manufacturers define the project in their RFQ, the more accurately automation integrators can quote the project—and deliver more optimized solutions. Here are nine important criteria every manufacturer should include in … Read More

8 Key Criteria for Your Industrial Automation ROI Calculation


What are the top factors that drive return on investment for factory automation? Attaining production goals and minimizing operating process costs are the first—and sometimes only—criteria that most manufacturers use to calculate the ROI of their automation capital investments. However, a deeper dive into cost savings shows that ROI considerations have a greater scope than … Read More

2024 Manufacturing Industry Trends: Outlook and Expectations


What does this year hold in store for manufacturers in the United States? The U.S. manufacturing industry could witness a transformation in 2024 as the sector embraces new products and new technologies. We’ve taken note of some emerging manufacturing industry trends in various areas, including microfactories, smart factories, and giga casting. In all respects, it … Read More

Industrial Automation in 2023: A Year in Review


As we bid farewell to 2023, let’s look at the trends that shaped (and continue to shape) the industrial automation landscape. A few overarching movements characterized this year, including innovation in creating electric vehicles (EVs), seeking after labor-shortage solutions, and the reshoring tidal wave we’ve been watching for a while. 1. Automotive Advancements Electric vehicles (EVs) … Read More

Discrete Manufacturers: Consider Reshoring with Industrial Automation

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Does reshoring make sense for discrete manufacturers? Of course, it’s a nuanced question, but with advances in industrial automation, reshoring has become a realistic possibility for many different manufacturers. If your company is considering reshoring some (or many) of your components, there are a few considerations. Here’s what you should know about the benefits of … Read More