Addressing the Die Casting Industry’s Labor Problem

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As you may have heard, the die casting industry expects huge growth in the coming years. While this is exciting news, the industry will face significant challenges to keep up with this anticipated growth. The Die Casting Industry is Thriving Industry growth is never a bad thing, but it can present some hurdles. Exactly how … Read More

Industrial Automation: A Viable Solution for Labor Shortages

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The labor shortage crisis is real and widespread, and it’s not going away any time soon. The Association for Advancing Automation (A3) recently cited Deloitte Insight’s prediction that 2.1 million U.S. manufacturing jobs will be vacant in 2030. A3 went on to explain that labor shortage is global, and that the manufacturing giant, China, is … Read More

Two Reasons for Anticipated Growth in the Industrial Automation Market

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A recent article from reviewed a report by Interact Analysis with forecasts for the global industrial automation market. The article notes that “global economic volatility and supply chain disruptions” due to Covid have caused “project delays and decreased spending on automation projects.” Yet Interact Analysis predicts an average growth rate of 5 – 7% … Read More

Solving the Puzzle: Supply Chain Strategies, Tech, and Automation

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A recent article from Michigan State University asks some timely questions: “How can automotive manufacturers optimize their supply chains?” “What are some strategies that companies can put in place to reduce product and part shortages?” “How can companies keep up with technological advancements in the supply chain?” We thought these were excellent questions, and so … Read More

Factory Automation and Reshoring

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  All indications are that America’s industrial reshoring trend will accelerate through 2023 and beyond, and that reshoring’s financial justification will be driven in large part by factory automation. According to recent Forbes / Zogby research: Half of America’s manufacturing company CEOs plan to further reshore operations in 2023. More than 70% of CEOs are … Read More

Adding Value through Automation: Increase your Manufacturing Throughput

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Often, our customers’ primary focus for their automation investment is increasing their manufacturing throughput. But how do companies really achieve the most optimal throughput? The Wes-Tech team has discovered numerous factors that can make a big difference in a company’s automation journey. A manufacturer’s production goals and specified cycle times provide the basic framework for … Read More

Robotic Manufacturing Proves Value with Record Sales in 2022.

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A recent article posted by A3 (the Association for Advancing Automation) highlighted the 2022 record-breaking surge in robot sales in North America, demonstrating robotic manufacturing’s important role in the advancement of many industries. According to A3, “North American companies ordered 44,196 robots valued at $2.38 billion last year, representing increases of 11% and 18%, respectively, … Read More

Manufacturing Automation Trends in 2023: Reshoring

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2023 is here, and as we discussed in our post on The Future of Manufacturing, manufacturers can gain advantage through awareness of automation trends. By paying attention to these trends, manufacturers can improve processes and strengthen the health of their business. To that end, we’ve identified trends that are holding strong in 2023. Over the … Read More

Increase your efficiency with the Wes-Tech Gantry System

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Efficiency within your space can lead to higher profitability and return on investment. At Wes-Tech, our proprietary products have been designed and developed to seamlessly integrate into your manufacturing process. Our gantry product series is a game-changer for many applications, allowing you to increase the range of what you can manufacture within your available footprint. … Read More