Wes-Tech is planning to attend the Automate show, to be held from May 22 – 25,  2023 at Huntington Place Convention Center in Detroit, MI. In planning for the show, we came across an insightful blog post by the team over at Automate about how automation helps lower costs.

The issue:

Numerous financial challenges in the manufacturing industry, many of which stem from the pandemic, continue to impact businesses. From worker shortages to supply chain issues, and now inflation, a new level of complexity must be considered when making automation investment decisions.

The solution:

As the Automate team suggests, when you invest in automation technology, “the payoff is almost always swift and exponential.” Greater throughput, less downtime, and reduced waste are all possible with the right automation solution. The Wes-Tech team is by your side to help you determine what that solution might be. In a recent post we detailed some of the ways we can help solve your complex manufacturing challenges. The first step is that we listen to your needs.

The benefits:

  • Increased efficiency

According to Automate, technology has been steadily improving, allowing manufacturers “to complete tasks that were once thought to be impossible—from precision butchering in meat processing plants to robots that can pick and place objects of varying weights, shapes and orientations.” As we discussed in our recent post on Innovation through Manufacturing Automation, manufacturers are increasingly benefiting from greater efficiency, reduced risk, and increased opportunity for innovation made available by the automation revolution. For example, a robust, reliable, flexible automated transfer system may improve your ROI, such as the Tech-Trak conveyors we talk about in this post.

  • Improved labor

From reduced staffing (see our post on the Rising Cost of Labor) to on-the-job injuries that halt production, issues with human workers may lead to losses in productivity. The right mix of human and automation can help reduce many of these issues, thereby reducing your risk as a manufacturer. (See this case study for one solution where we introduced automation to reduce job-related injuries while ensuring the workers still completed tasks that needed to be done with a human touch.)

  • Maximized use of space

Another issue to consider is your footprint. According to the Automate post, “For businesses in all segments, square footage is at a premium. As real estate prices, rent and interest rates continue to rise, maximizing space is a boon to the bottom line.” There are plenty of ways to introduce automation that will help you take better advantage of your footprint. For example, you may benefit from a gantry solution to increase your range and efficiency, as we discussed in our recent gantry post.

At Wes-Tech, we have services and solutions to help you optimize your resource utilization, ensure your facilities and automation capabilities fit your production needs, and increase your profitability.

If you are considering ways that automation may help you reduce costs while increasing other benefits, contact us today for a consultation and find out what Wes-Tech can do for you.


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