We’ll help you become nimble and prepared

Change has happened and it’s not going away. In the last few weeks, we’ve begun talking about some of the ways companies are planning and getting back to business following the COVID lockdown. We’ve offered guidance to a number of our clients around how to approach the rapidly evolving future of manufacturing. As the first … Read More

Back to business in a changing environment.

In the last few weeks, as COVID-19 lockdowns have eased, companies have begun the process of getting back to business. Many of our clients have reached out looking for guidance on how to approach the changes that should be made to keep up with the rapidly evolving future of manufacturing. Whether your machines were shut … Read More

Talent & Technology Combined for Ventilator Progress

The Wes-Tech team is continuing to push technology forward with our ventilator design. We’ve now completed functional testing (see video), and all variables, parameters, and alarms are working well. We are now starting our data acquisition phase using IoT, and we’re excited to continue to see the progress. We’ll keep posting it here as well, … Read More

Meeting the country’s challenge during COVID-19.

Find out how Wes-Tech excelled at meeting the country’s challenge during COVID-19. As you may have read in our recent post, Wes-Tech created a safe, practical, simple, inexpensive, and scalable ventilator that can be produced at a rate of 2,500 per day. We’ve created a case study to share how we were able to complete … Read More

Ready to help the world breathe better.

  Wes-Tech designed and produced an emergency-use ventilator in 7 days! Amidst the global shortage of emergency-use ventilators in this highly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environment, Wes-Tech set a goal to come up with a safe, practical, simple, inexpensive, and scalable ventilator. And we did what we do best – we developed a … Read More

We are all in this together.

During the health crisis of the COVID-19 virus, the health and safety of our team and the customers we serve is our top priority. Precautionary steps we are taking to help stop the spread of the disease: 1. Where feasible we transitioned team members to work remotely from home. 2. We are sanitizing production areas … Read More

One team. One future.

One team. One future. At Wes-Tech, it has always been our goal to hire great people and give them the tools they need to do a great job. However, it’s also important to us that the team be part of our vision planning, and that they know their ideas are important to the future of … Read More

Great show, great success.

We had a great time at IMTS 2018 – the largest IMTS show ever, with 129, 415 attendees! Our booth was very well-received, with thousands of visitors stopping by to view our automation in motion and claim a flashlight, engraved by our equipment while they waited. Another big hit was the Tesla, in Wes-Tech blue, … Read More

IMTS Interview with Jason Arends

If you attended IMTS in 2016 you may have already seen this great interview with our President, Jason Arends. If you haven’t yet had a chance, we’re sharing it here again because we think it’s well worth a watch. The whole video is just about a minute long, and Jason will show you a technique to increase … Read More


If you’ve already worked with Wes-Tech, you know we’re committed to building the most talented team in the automation industry. Our team works well together, and we approach every new project with an open mind, looking for innovative ways to build the right solution to meet your needs. But that’s just the beginning of what teamwork means … Read More