Wes-Tech takes on the challenge to automate the impossible in record time

It would be difficult to overstate the value of the right solution, particularly to a client who is known for developing revolutionary products and processes. When the Wes-Tech team was asked to step up to the challenge of automating in a way that has never been done before, we knew that the right solution would require creativity, brainstorming, and out-of-the-box thinking to go beyond what the client was expecting—as well as the commitment to get it done in record time.


A new automotive industry client needed a strong factory automation team to help create fully automated production line to assemble the front and rear fascias for a new vehicle that would launch in just a year, rather than the traditional 3- to 5-year timeline for this type of project. They were looking for someone who could become truly integrated partners, acting as part of their team, but who could bring a fresh perspective, creative solutions, and proposals for processes they hadn’t already thought of themselves.


From the very beginning, the entire project was unusual for the automotive industry, and the Wes-Tech team needed to think differently, to do what needed to be done rather than what would usually be done. The Wes-Tech team understood immediately that traditional methods used on metal components wouldn’t work on the main component, a painted front fascia for the vehicle, so we had to take control of the part. To do this, we developed a way to utilize regional datum structures, which allowed us to move the part where it needed to be before the assembly process began. Unlike a traditional fascia assembly line where humans would do the assembly, this product line was designed to be fully automated with robotics. We brought new ideas to the table at every step along the way, transforming automated fascia assembly with innovative new processes.

Designing completely new production-critical equipment was already a challenge, but the tight timeline added even more pressure—if our machines didn’t run properly, the model launch could not happen as planned. Our team met every challenge by maintaining strong collaboration and transparency, meeting frequently with the client team to work through the design process and ensure the right solution would be delivered on time.


Even while facing a variety of challenges along the way, the team solved our client’s issues in new and revolutionary ways, kept the client in the loop throughout the process, and delivered on time. The benefits they’ve already realized from this project include:

  • Unique capabilities: Building a product in a way that has never been done before creates a real competitive advantage, and Wes-Tech was able to help the client move further along that.
  • Flexibility: This machine is re-deployable, and the extensive use of robots makes it easier to re-tool for future models
  • Cost savings: When the fully automated line was put into full production they were able to realize significant cost savings
  • Loss reduction: With no human intervention, the company has seen a reduction in losses from part damage, which has also resulted in dollars saved.

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