Wes-Tech’s breadth of experience meets customer needs with outside-the-box thinking

Purpose-built equipment can seem like a great idea at the time, but may end up being an inflexible nightmare when the organization needs to make a change. However, when you only have legacy experience in a single industry it may seem like there is no alternative. A client we recently partnered with discovered that our larger breadth of experience in factory automation across a variety of industries helped us to come up with new solutions to old problems. This was a case when the Wes-Tech team went beyond what a customer asked for and provided what they actually needed, creating a transformational improvement.


A major tool manufacturer was developing a new family of products that couldn’t be made with their existing equipment. They approached Wes-Tech with a request for a purpose-built welding machine for the new line that was similar to the one they already used. During the collaborative discovery process, Wes-Tech learned that there were a number of problems with the current machine.


Working closely with the customer to ensure their pain points were addressed, the Wes-Tech team developed a concept and worked through our internal review process. We were able to draw on our cross-industry experience to apply state-of-the-art processes and equipment from other industries to the new manufacturing line.


Going above and beyond client expectations is just a part of the way Wes-Tech does business. By drawing on their cross-industry experience and increasing the machine’s flexibility, the Wes-Tech team was able to solve a number of client problems that the client had thought of as unsolvable. This resulted in:

  • Exponential reduction in risk due to reduced downtime and increased safety with the improved equipment design
  • Increased capacity and flexibility to expand with business needs as the new line can handle a much wider variety of pieces than existing lines
  • Reduced time-to-market for new products because the equipment can weld more than one design without lengthy changeovers
  • Cost savings and reduced maintenance issues with the use of standard parts
  • Reduced scrap, reduced power consumption, and increased reliability

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