Simultaneous engineering with the Wes-Tech team leads to value-added design

Product design is an art in itself, but it can be difficult to ensure that the design is optimized for manufacturing automation. The Wes-Tech team are experts at simultaneous design, working with companies on the product and the automation equipment concurrently. This can help create a more sustainable design that is easier to produce, and can go to market more quickly. This case study is an example of one client that found a great deal of value when they worked with Wes-Tech.


A motor drive manufacturer needed to design a new, more efficient pump motor that was slightly different than anything they were already making, and a completely new line to manufacture and assemble the product. They also needed to integrate the ERP system into the new line to improve metrics and control of the process.


Wes-Tech engineers worked concurrently to help the manufacturer develop their product while designing the line. Calling on our creative thinking abilities led to the development of a semi-automatic collaborative work station as part of a fully automated line that included standard and custom-designed features. For example, using our standard Tech Trak product as a base, we innovated to create two new modules: a pallet lift for improved ergonomics, and a side shuttle to remove pallets from the line for testing.


Part of Wes-Tech’s comprehensive engineering solution is to design for assembly, with the goal to make the process and product more robust and reliable. The concurrent design process allowed vast improvements in the product and line designs that:

  • Made it easier and more cost effective to produce the product
  • Decreased potential health and safety hazards
  • Fit in a reduced footprint
  • Were part of a modular design for lower initial cost and easy scale-up
  • Integrated with the ERP system for more flexibility and control

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