Standard Products

Wes-Tech has a variety of standard solutions that can be deployed to handle your foundational business needs.

  • Whether traditional or collaborative, vision guided or force controlled, our turn-key robotic/gantry solutions will optimize your bottom line.
  • Tech-Trak conveyor products are based on pre-engineered functional modules that are re-deployable, organized into custom line layouts for implementation, and can be re-configured as your process needs change to maximize ROI.
  • Our new Wes-Tender machine tending system gives you intuitive flexibility in a cost-effective solution designed to meet your manufacturing needs.
  • The Wes-Tech Pallet Rinse Unit automatically clears pallets of excess coolant and debris in a self-contained design that can be fitted to existing conveyor systems, all without increasing your cycle time.
  • The Wes-Tech pallet magazine offers interchangeable standard tooling designed for quick efficient changeovers.