A recent article posted by A3 (the Association for Advancing Automation) highlighted the 2022 record-breaking surge in robot sales in North America, demonstrating robotic manufacturing’s important role in the advancement of many industries. According to A3, “North American companies ordered 44,196 robots valued at $2.38 billion last year, representing increases of 11% and 18%, respectively, over 2021, the previous record.” Although labor shortages and supply chain issues continue to impact the industry, as we discussed in our post on the rising cost of labor, new uses for robotic automation systems are breaking through the slump.

Attributes for Record Robotics Sales in 2022

Approximately half of robot sales last year were in the automotive industry, which Jeff Burnstein, President of A3, attributes primarily to North American automakers’ commitment to electric vehicles. A portion of the other fifty percent of sales included a variety of unique applications “in such industries as food services, construction, and agriculture, such as robots cooking and serving food, dry walling, and even harvesting and picking.” Robot sales in these sectors show ingenuity, forward-thinking, and great promise for productivity and output in the coming years.

Wes-Tech’s Solutions-Focused Approach

Wes-Tech has been helping our industrial manufacturing customers increase flexibility, decrease downtime, and drive optimized return on investment with robotic automation since 1976. At Wes-Tech, our goal is to help manufacturers find the right solutions for their unique process requirements, leveraging our deep applications and technical expertise. In this case study, we used our experience in the automotive industry to improve processes for a tool manufacturer.

Burnstein from A3 concludes by saying, “We look forward to seeing more unique and increasingly easy-to-use robots that all industries can benefit from at Automate 2023 in Detroit this May.” Likewise, Team Wes-Tech will see you at Automate, where we’ll be happy to discuss how we can design and build for your needs, leveraging more than 4,200 custom-engineered automation solutions to enhance your competitive advantage. Or if you don’t want to wait for Automate, contact us today!

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