Service and support to maximize your production uptime and extend the life of your capital investment.

Our service and support is about problem solving to maximize your production uptime and to extend the life of your capital investment. It is significantly more than an after-sale support function. Wes-Tech specializes in training programs, preventive maintenance, retooling and refurbishing, and spare/replacement parts.

Training programs

Wes-Tech has developed effective training programs for our customers that span conveyors, custom machines, and robots. These programs are tailored to your needs and can be delivered on-site or remotely. Our training content is specific to each piece of equipment or system and it is delivered by the appropriate expert staff. Training programs include, but are not limited to, operator training, machine debug, control systems, and preventive maintenance.

Gantry maintenance

Wes-tech offers complete gantry robot maintenance, including diagnostic and maintenance services based on your needs, as well as preventative schedules depending on hours of use. The Wes-Tech team can re-purpose, rebuild and enhance your gantry robot to original manufacturer specifications, including a 1-year warranty. If necessary Wes-tech can also complete controller upgrades, replacing the existing controller and software with the latest technology.  If you're not sure what would be best for your situation, our service department will welcome your questions, and will provide recommendations and a quote.

Retooling and refurbishing

Wes-Tech can retool and refurbish equipment when needed to extend the life of your investment. This may include Tech-Trak® upgrades, reconfiguration, cycle time optimizations, software improvements, and other system modifications. Our service and support team works with our engineering and technical project management staff to carry out even the toughest project assignments.

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