At Wes-Tech, we understand that maintaining flexibility in your production capabilities can be the difference that leads to success. That’s why we engineer equipment that can flex along with your production needs. Our proprietary products have been designed and developed to seamlessly integrate into your manufacturing process to deliver a positive return on your invested capital, operate with zero down time, and provide you with increased throughput – all while freeing up your resources to concentrate on value-added activity.

Tech-Trak® conveyor products are pre-engineered functional modules that can be configured into systems that accomplish much more than just moving your parts from one point to another. A Tech-Trak conveyor system designed by our cross-functional engineers can act as the backbone to your production process and quality control. With a constant evolution of new modules and features, this reliable, low maintenance, precision conveyor system will benefit your operational process in many ways.

Tech-Trak is:

  • Flexible: The combined use of standard modules and smart pallets ensures precision positioning/ assembling/ testing and tracing of each process step for quality verification, provisioning/ commissioning, and PLM purposes.
  • Agile: Reconfigurable modules make it easy to modify your manufacturing and assembly processes on an as-needed basis, making it easier to quickly accommodate manufacturing process changes.
  • Scalable: Autonomous conveyance with automated buffering and workflow transfer points allow for easier production mix changes and enable production capacity scaleup.
  • Trusted: Lean Manufacturing simplicity with low maintenance and high operational availability leads to a safe, dependable product with an exceptional OEE track record.

We optimize every configuration to provide your process with the most efficient material flow, optimized line balancing, multiple process routing options, data tracking, quality auditing, gauge sampling, and product protection. With a robust design for harsh conditions, you’ll never worry about the uptime of your conveyor systems again. Tech-Trak conveyors are designed and manufactured to last.

Wes-Tech offers the right solution to meet your needs, from conveyor hardware kits all the way to completely integrated turnkey conveyor systems. We will leverage more than 4,200 custom-engineered automation solutions to design the optimal one for your needs. Contact us today to discover how Wes-Tech can enhance your competitive advantage.

Team Wes-Tech

Video: Tech-Trak Single-Strand Pallet Conveyors