The Wes-Tech team delivers custom engineered solutions to solve your complex manufacturing challenges. Our 3-step process – Define, Develop, Deliver – ensures our team can help you get to the best solution, on time and in budget. In this series of posts, we are examining each process step in depth to give you more insight into the whys and hows.

Step 3: Deliver the best solution.

In our second post, we discussed the ways we work through our process to develop the right solution for your manufacturing challenges. Of course, the “best” solution is unique to your operation, and the development process continues until delivery. That’s our third and final process step: to deliver the best solution for you, on time, every time.

Delivering a solution that brings you return on your investment is about value – not just the cost, but what you end up getting from the engagement. In the end, Wes-Tech is not just delivering equipment. We are building a well-thought-out solution. We have taken the time to think through your business and operational processes to help you become more productive given the constraints of your space, people, and budget. This involves physical equipment, but even more important is the thought that goes into the equipment, and into your ability to grow.

Once we are at the delivery point, we have a strong understanding of your operation. We have considered your needs from a holistic approach—from product and equipment design, to the plant layout, workflow, and more—so we can help set you up for the future of your business. With a strong plan in place, we can deliver the solution to help you move your business forward.

The Wes-Tech team knows what it takes to deliver, and we know that timing is everything. That’s why we take deadlines seriously, with a current record of over 10 years of 100% on-time delivery. In fact, you can see it in this case study of a time when we were asked to automate the “impossible” in record time.

At Wes-Tech, when we deliver, it means we:

  • Believe in and stand behind the solution
  • Give you what we’ve promised
  • Make the process as pain-free as possible
  • Ensure all information is clear and communicated so there are no surprises
  • Continue to refine even up to the very end to ensure your final solution is at its best
  • Keep working with you through installation and execution, and with continued support to ensure we’ve met our promise
  • Are constantly engaged, adaptive, and flexible, to meet your continued needs as the process moves along, even during debug, install, training, and beyond

One common misconception says that “you can either have high quality or you can have it on time, but not both.” We have evidence that this statement is false. In fact, we work hard to ensure we never sacrifice quality for on-time delivery. We look out for your best interests, sometimes driving and pushing your team to ensure we keep the project moving forward. We make it our job to keep everyone on track, even from the customer side.

We accomplish this by maintaining constant communication throughout the process, including during delivery and installation of the equipment. Everyone involved (our team and yours) is aware of the situation, the status, and how the installation is proceeding.

From start to finish, we bring our best to every single engagement. We build to a higher standard. We promise to get it right, whatever it takes. And our Define – Develop – Deliver process ensures we can deliver on time, every time.

When you’re ready to partner with a company that has the experience to deliver your automation advantage, contact Wes-Tech.

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