Engineered product solutions to meet your needs.

Assembly and Test

Designed right from the start, right when you need them.

Wes-Tech combines proven designs with innovative technology to solve today’s most challenging applications. When you partner with Wes-Tech your team will have complete confidence that your assembly & test solutions will be delivered on time, and ready for production. Experience the difference.


Material handling made easy with TECH-TRAK® conveyors.

Wes-Tech conveyor products are based on pre-engineered functional modules that are configured into custom line layouts for seamless implementation. These modules can be re-configured and re-deployed as your process needs change. With a robust design for harsh conditions, you’ll never worry about the uptime of your conveyor systems again. Tech-Trak® conveyors are designed and manufactured to last.


Robotic integration done right.

At Wes-Tech, all of our articulating and gantry robotic solutions are designed for ease of use, and maximum uptime. Robots provide a cost-effective, flexible solution for material handling. Robots can be a re-deployable asset with a lifespan well beyond the initial application. Whether traditional or collaborative, vision guided or force controlled, our turn-key robotic solutions will optimize your production.

Pallet Rinse

Innovative pallet rinsing in a space-saving design.

The Wes-Tech Pallet Rinse Unit is designed to automatically rinse pallets of excess coolants, chips, and debris. This compact design is self-contained, and can be integrated into most conveyor systems. The Wes-Tech Pallet Rinse Unit will increase your cleanliness, throughput and profit, without increasing your cycle time or footprint.

Pallet Magazine

Versatility meets efficiency.

Integrated factory automation solutions can give you the power to do more within the same footprint. Our carousel parts magazine is available in a range of lengths and pallet sizes. The Wes-Tech pallet magazine offers interchangeable standard tooling designed for quick, efficient changeovers. Castings, shafts, and sawed blanks can all be fed on this versatile system with ease.

Wes-Tender Machine Tending System

Intuitive flexibility in a space-saving design.

When your production line requires automatic parts handling, the Wes-Tender machine tending system offers the perfect man-machine interface. Providing hours of unattended machine tool loading, Wes-Tender is a flexible solution designed around your manufacturing needs.

Your innovative automation solution awaits.