The Wes-Tech team delivers custom engineered solutions to solve your complex manufacturing challenges. Our 3-step process – Define, Develop, Deliver – ensures our team can help you get to the best solution, on time and in budget. In this series of posts, we are examining each process step in depth to give you more insight into the whys and hows.

Step 2: Develop the right concept.

As we discussed in the post about the first step in our process, we begin by defining your manufacturing challenge. Once it is defined, we can combine our creative problem-solving skills and engineering expertise to develop an innovative solution that will transform your manufacturing operations.

Once you partner with Wes-Tech to take on your work, the development stage of the process can begin. Our team will work alongside yours to gain information and feedback throughout so we can course correct as we go. During development, we will adjust, refine, and communicate with your team to ensure the concept evolves in the direction you need, with no last-minute surprises.

Just as in the define stage, our cross-functional team participates throughout the development process to pull together our collective design and engineering expertise to propose a final, workable, manufacturable solution.
Our ‘secret sauce’ is our design huddles. We pull together a well-rounded group of individuals from our team – including mechanical and controls engineers, builders, electricians, operations, and more – to look at a system or solution. The team develops the architecture of the solution, with a strong understanding of how everything is going to interconnect. During our whiteboard sessions, we get creative, propose ideas, and develop a solution that helps lead to a better way to accomplish the end goal.

We’re always challenging ourselves with questions such as:

  • Can we do it better?
  • Can we do it with fewer parts?
  • Is there a better methodology for this solution?
  • What expertise can we bring from other industries?
  • What does ‘better’ look like?
  • How would we want this to look and perform if it was our own machine that we planned to use every day?

We never stop listening to you and your team, looking for regular input throughout the development process. Our engineers are engaged throughout, looking at everything from your individual parts through the full lifecycle of your product, we strive to know your product almost as well as you do by the end of the engagement. In this way, we can provide real, well-rounded expertise almost as though our engineers are part of your internal team. In some instances, such as this case study we have even helped our customers to develop their product for manufacturability, concurrently with developing the machines it would be manufactured on.

From start to finish, we bring our best to every single engagement. We build to a higher standard. We promise to get it right every time, whatever it takes. And our development process ensures we can deliver on time, every time.

When you’re ready to partner with a company that has the experience to develop a concept in a way that creates your automation advantage, contact Wes-Tech.

In our next post, we will show how we work to deliver your final product on time and in budget.

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