Each time we work with a client, the Wes-Tech team starts by listening. While there are similarities across the industry, every manufacturing operation is unique, and so we ask questions and we find out what your individual needs are before we ever set pen to paper or mouse to CAD drawing. Then, we take your individual complex manufacturing challenge and we engineer an innovative solution, integrating the latest Industry 4.0 and IoT technology, and drawing on our creative experience to deliver world-class capital equipment and best-in-class automation technology on time and within budget.

Here are a few of the complex challenges where we have particular expertise:

Automated Assembly and Test Solutions
Our proven designs paired with innovative technologies get your products to market faster, and assembled correctly – along with the process and test data to prove it. Wes-Tech uses our “Define, Develop, Deliver” methodology to solve today’s most challenging applications, and to give you the manufacturing advantage that will grow your business. When you partner with Wes-Tech you can have complete confidence that our team will exceed expectations, and that your assembly & test solution will be delivered on time and ready for production.

Semi-Automatic Lean Manufacturing Systems
When your production staff and your production equipment work in unison, you will discover that they can provide you with optimal resource utilization. Our applications engineers have the depth of experience to concept the perfect solution — the best combination of your skilled operators and your capital budget. To help you reach this goal, we strive to deliver the very best Man-Machine-Automation process on every Lean Cell solution we develop. We find the perfect balance of Man and Machine.

Robotic System Integration
Our tooling engineers, robotic programmers, and robotic engineers all have a set of common goals – keep production running. That’s why our articulating and gantry robotic solutions are designed for ease of use, maximum uptime, and with you in mind. Whether traditional or collaborative, vision guided or force controlled, our turn-key robotic solutions will optimize your production. When it comes time to service the equipment, reteach a point, or recover from a fault, our solutions are second-to-none. When every moment counts, our Single Second Recovery (SSR) mentality gets you back in the game faster. As a capable and certified integrator of a wide variety of articulating, cartesian, scara, and cobot robotics, Wes-Tech has the experience and expertise to ensure your robotic integration needs are met.

Visit Wes-Tech.com to learn more about our vast resources across the full spectrum of complex manufacturing challenges you face. From automated assembly and test solutions to lean manufacturing systems, Wes-Tech has the expertise to define, develop, and deliver the right solution for you. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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